A Trio of Thai Desserts: Hot Caramel Bananas

Our last trip to Thailand was nearly three months ago, but it seems like only yesterday we were eating the most delicious Thai desserts…because we were. As the title suggests, this next series will feature three desserts that we enjoyed eating in Thailand. First up is Hot Caramel Bananas. A blog post led us to Bamboo Bee, a delicious vegetarian restaurant in Chiang Mai that we ate at twice during the last two days of our stay. Encouraged by the writer, we tried this popular dessert, and have thought about it ever since. Simple and satisfying, here is my version. Healthy? Not quite. Good for the soul? You betcha. Keep the servings small and share this treat with several friends.


Ingredients (serves 5-6, generously)

1/3 cup butter

2/3 cup cream

1/2 cup brown sugar

2 teaspoons vanilla

4-6 bananas, sliced

Black sesame seeds


Combine the butter, cream, brown sugar and vanilla in a saucepan over medium-high heat. I should note that you are free to play with the ingredient ratios – more or less cream, butter, sugar, etc. Whisk continuously until the sugar is melted and well combined and the sauce begins to bubble (3-5 minutes). Remove from the heat, and, working in batches, add the sliced bananas to the saucepan to warm them and coat with the sauce. Fish out the bananas and divide them into several small serving dishes. Spoon over a little extra caramel sauce, and top with black sesame seeds. Serve immediately.





About continuethislabor

Hi I'm Tera. I'm interested in how flavors work together and how we can work together to be responsible Earth citizens. Currently I teach English in S. Korea with my husband, but someday we will own a small organic farm. There, we will grow vegetables, raise chickens and goats, and play Catan in our little cottage while drinking good coffee.


  1. Oh my this sounds both delectable and dangerous to my waistline for it’s right up my alley. I’ll have to give this a go real soon with some friends. Many thanks for the exploration in edibles and for turning it into a recipe! Now, just to locate those black sesame seeds…

  2. Thanks Dan! You may use the regular, off-white kind, too, but your local Asian market probably carries black sesame seeds.

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